Brewing Basics 101

Classes are Sunday from 11am - 2pm! All-grain classes are from 11am-4pm approximately.

Reserve in advance by sending an email with your date request, or for more information.

There is no minimum class size restriction. If you are the only student signed up for the Sunday you choose, we will still brew. I will sent my address and map to my location when I send you a confirmation.

Cost is Only
Any Class

Register a friend and you get $10 off your fee!

Pay in advance by credit card which registers you for your class. Click on options  below and add each student to the cart seperately.


Pricing for classes

Home brewing 101 is an informal lesson in making your own beer at home.

 We will be brewing a simple pale ale recipe using one of three methods of your choice:

  1. Dry malt extract (DME) only or (3 hour class) *
  2. Partial mash using DME and mashing a small amount of malted barley or (4 hour class)
  3. All-grain batch (5 hour class) Only availible in Mexico at this time. 

You decide what is best and most comfortable for you. Whichever process you choose will be brewed in a small class setting, (4-6 persons) allowing for each person to have a hands on experience and be able to get the attention they may need to repeat the steps at home on their own. The environment is relaxed and everything is provided including samples of some of the beer styles that I enjoy brewing. There is nothing better than sipping on a homebrew while you learn to make it yourself. We will follow simple step-by-step brewing procedures as I demonstrate and explain as we go.

The class includes: 

  • A copy of the step-by-step procedures with a list of needed equipment
  • The recipe we will brew 
  • Password access to the online student page (includes more brewing information and recipes)
  • Several samples of homebrew to drink as we brew  
  • If you have never brewed before, I would recommend beginning with the extract only (DME) method and advancing to the more difficult all-grain class with experience.

    Please bring a lunch or snack for classes longer than 3 hours.

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