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I have been contacted by educators interested in teaching brewing classes and want to know my system.
Now available is the syllabus that I use for the 5 week brewing course conducted at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz California. I developed this corriculum after many years of brewing and have fine tuned it over the course of several years of teaching this class. If you are interested in starting your own brew school or teaching at your community college this syllabus will provide you with a platform to develop your own agenda or can be used as-is.

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Pricing for classes

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All those interested in taking home brewing classes in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Please contact me by email if you are interested in taking the classes and want to reserve a spot.

I teach every Sunday from 11am until 4pm. with no minimum class size.


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Today, more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve on the quality of their lives by taking control of the processes that provide good quality food for themselves on a local level. This means growing, harvesting, preserving and preparing your own wholesome food in the place that you live rather than relying on farms and processeser from far away to provide you with the essential foods of your life. Brewing beer at home is part of this movement and its revival is a reflection of the desire to provide essential foods for ourselves as we did as far back as the time of the establisment of this country. Most of the early American settlers brewed their own beer right along with baking bread and canning fruits and vegetables for the winter months.

This site is the home page for BEER SCHOOL homebrewing school and is the portal to the different home brewing classes available in San Miguel, Mexico. I also want to be a resource for those that are interested in brewing, providing helpful insight through information about the ingredients, equipment and techniques involved in brewing beer at home.

Cabrillo College 5 Week Brewing
(This class is temporarily on hold)

This course in home brewing is being offered as a comprehensive and complete way of seeing the steps in brewing beer at home from the basic 5 gallon batch using malted extract to brewing 10 gallons of beer using whole malted grain.
Click here to get all of the details about this popular class and the information needed to sign up for this years summer and fall classes.


"That was a great class. You did such a good job of making the process of brewing at home comprehensible without oversimplifying, and showing us we could all do it. The more brewers in the world, the better! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us."
-Dave Kramer-Urner

Cabrillo College Beer Tasting

This class is 3 hours of sampling a wide variety of ales, lagers and specialty beers. We will use a simplified beer evaluation sheet to identify the aromas, flavors and mouthfeel in order to understand and appreciate the classic beer styles from around the world and a selection of micro brewed beers from the United States that exemplify the small brewer movement that is currently taking place.
Click here for more information about this exciting and memorable class and to register before the class fills.

Brewing 101 course

In this 3 hour class, you will learn the very basics of brewing beer at home. I will take you through the process showing you how simple and inexpensive it can be while we brew up a batch of pale ale and sample some home brews that I have on tap.
Click here for all the information and fees for brewing up a 5 gallon batch in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

                                 All-Grain Brewing

In this 5 hour class, you will learn the advanced science and techniques in brewing beer at home using the all-grain process. You will use the same applications as large scale breweries that modify (mash) and extract (sparge) malt sugars from grain in order to produce fermentables. I will show you the small scale equipment necessary for brewing just like the professionals except in your own home giving you the knowledge to produce commercial quality beers for personal enjoyment. You can also use this information to gain the knowledge needed to start your own brewery. We will brew a 10 gallon (41 ltr) batch while studying the science behind grain starch conversion, hop bittering and flavor utilization and yeast fermentation sciences. Of course we'll be sampling home made beer while we study, you learn more that way. See you in class.

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